Permanent Exhibition Hotel
Raketa by Uwe Schloen

Artist and exhibition period

Hotel Raketa
Uwe Schloen
Art installations made of wood and silicone

From 18 May 2019 for an indefinite period
Opening: 18 May 2019, 16:00
As part of the KunstOffen

About the exhibition Hotel Raketa

The name of the art project “Hotel Raketa” refers to a legendary hotel in Prague, where the artist stayed in the 80s. This stay had a lasting influence on him. “There were people who had little money and were on the margins of society. Artists, prostitutes, outsiders, drinkers and all the other freaks who needed a roof over their heads for little money,” Says Schloen. His figures, like the guests of the now demolished hotel, have found a shelter in the former granary of Kummerow Castle.

The sculptor Uwe Schloen shows his pieces in twelve rooms with over 300 wooden and silicone figures. At “Hotel Raketa” he presents these sculptures for the first time. The permanent installation shows figures from more than three decades of his work – staged in different rooms and group constellations. His installations reflect the heights, but above all the depths of human life.

Biography of the sculptor Uwe Schloen

Born 1958 in Kuhstedt, Lower Saxony
Studied sculpture and painting in Hamburg
Freelance artist since 1987

1994 Jury Prize, Ministry of Culture Prize and Philip Morris Foundation Prize at the European Spring Salon Luxembourg

1999 Daniel Spoerri Scholarship, Italy
2003 Scholarship of the Cranach Foundation, Wittenberg

Since 2015 guest lecturer at Tartu Art College, Estonia and various museum exhibitions at home and abroad