Guided Tours

Schloss tour – focus on art

From June 2022 you can discover Schloss Kummerow together with one of our guides. During the guided tour you will get detailed information about the exhibited works and artists as well as about the architectural features of Schloss Kummerow. Our tours are in German. For English guided tours please contact us.

How much does the Schloss tour cost?
20 euros, the entrance fee for the photographic exhibition is included in the ticket.

How long does the tour last?
90 min

Is registration necessary?
Group size for the tour is limited, so you should secure an online ticket in advance.

When do Schloss tours take place?
Every weekend. You can find the exact dates” at Tickets”.

Historical tour – focus on the history of the castle and the village Kummerow

Join us on our historical tour around the Schloss and park grounds of Schloss Kummerow! Join us on our historical tour of the house, courtyard and garden of Schloss Kummerow!

During the guided tour, our tour guide will tell you exciting stories from almost 800 years of local history. For example, you can hear interesting anecdotes about the fate of the Malzahn family. Guided by our Kummerow expert, you will also learn more about the history of the castle from its completion in 1730 until the present when the current owner took over the property.

When will the guided tours take place?
Every Sunday 11 am

Where do the guided tours start?
Entrance of Schloss Kummerow

How long does a guided tour last?
approx. 90 min

How much do the guided tours cost?
Our historical tours cost 20 EUR per person. This price already includes the ticket for the photographic exhibition.