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Photography collection Schloss Kummerow

About the Photography Collection Schloss Kummerow

Since 2016, the Photography Collection – Kummerow Castle on Lake Kummerower in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has been much more than an insider tip for art connoisseurs. One of the leading private photography collections in Germany can be seen here on an exhibition area of over 2,000 square meters.

The time reference of the medium of photography meets the careful restoration of the historical architectural stock in the baroque Kummerow Castle. The collection is in dialogue with the intentionally preserved traces of the house’s past, which testify to the use of previous generations and life in changing ideologies.

Presentation of the collection
Photography collection

The Photography Collection – Schloss Kummerow today focuses on contemporary works that have been created since the turn of the millennium.

Cabinet exhibition N°2
Volkmar Herre

The Photography Collection – Schloss Kummerow presents the temporary exhibition GRENZENLOSE ZEIT by Volkmar Herre. The cabinet exhibition N°2 shows pinhole camera photos – boundless, poetic and full of aesthetics.

Special exhibition 2021:

Sibylle Bergemann, Andrea Grützner, Henrike Naumann, Andreas Mühe, Peter Piller and Christian Borchert are central artistic positions that view the present of our society with awareness of the past.

Cabinet exhibition
Monika Bertermann

The PhotographyCollection – Schloss Kummerow presents the temporary exhibition TRANSFORMATIONEN by Monika Bertermann. The cabinet exhibition shows works with X-ray images.

Permanent exhibition
Hotel Raketa

The sculptor Uwe Schloen shows his pieces in twelve rooms with over 300 wooden and silicone figures. At “Hotel Raketa” he presents these sculptures for the first time. The permanent installation shows figures from more than three decades of his work.

Opening hours Schloss Kummerow

May – June 2021
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11 am – 5 pm

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11 am – 5 pm

October 2021
Friday to Sunday
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Holidays during the season
11 am – 5 pm

Entrance fees for exhibitions and guided tours

Entrance fees for exhibitions

We are looking forward to your visit! Please see our overview of the ticket prices for our exhibitions. Individual prices apply to our events.

Collection and temporary exhibitions: 10,00 €
Groups (from 20 adults): 8,00 € p.P.
Teenager (14 – 18 years): 1,00 €
Children (Up to 14 years): Free admission

Prices of the guided tours

Individual guided tours on various topics are available on request.

Duration of a guided tour: approx. 90 min
Admission: € 100.00 plus reduced admission 8,00 € p.p.
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