Dorfstraße 114
Dorfstraße 114
17139 Kummerow

The closest towns are Malchin, Demmin, Stavenhagen and the town of Teterow.

Location: The baroque Château complex Kummerow is located on the southeastern shore of The Kummerow Lake and is part of the municipality of Kummerow (on the lake) and the district of Mecklenburg Lake District.

Nature: To the west, Kummerow borders on the “Nature Park Mecklenburg and Kummerower See”, with its unmistakable landscape. And the southern Kummerow follows the “Nature Reserve Ostpeene”, home to kingfishers, mountain stilts, waterbirds, otters and beavers.



Kummerow is located about six kilometers northeast of Malchin. The Bundesstraße 104 (LübeckSzczecin) runs south and the B 194 (WarenStralsund) east of Kummerow.

Nearest stations on the Bützow-Szczecin “Demmin” railway line, on the Berlin-Stralsund “Malchin” line (see Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Ticket).

The nearest airport is Rostock-Laage. Other airports are Berlin, Lübeck and Hamburg.

From Malchin Bus 407 direction Grammentin Dorf.