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About the permanent presentation of the collection

The Photographic Collection – Schloss Kummerow focuses on contemporary works created since the turn of the millennium, including important works by Thomas Demand, Steve McCurry, Andreas Mühe, Wolfgang Tillmans and Sebastião Salgado. Since the 1990s, however, historical vintage prints from the period after 1945 have been the foundation of the collection. The photographs of renowned representatives of Eastern photography, which document past and subsequent life worlds of people in the territory of the former GDR, are also an important part of the collection.

What is striking is the density of large-format works, which can unfold their visual power in the baroque spaces and build on their once much-vaunted furnishings with tapestry. Thus, Because the Night (2012) by Richard Mosse with its more than five meters, Michael Wesely’s six-metre water lily painting (Seerosen von Giverny, 24.06.2014, 8:55 to 21:00, 2014), Werner Mahler’s extensive chronology of a high school class since 1977 (Abiturienten, 1977/78-2015) and Wolfgang Tillman’s Freischwimmer (2006) the cornerstones of the exhibition.

Selection of the in the collection
represented artists

Marina Abramovic, Nobuyoshi Araki, Thomas Bangsted, Fiona Banner, Vanessa Beecroft, Sibylle Bergemann, Ilse Bing, Viktoria Binschtok, Christian Borchert, Thorsten Brinkmann, Daniele Buetti, Winfried Bullinger, Harry Callahan, Evgeni Chaldej, Martin Dammann, Thomas Demand, Arno Fischer, Maike Freess, Charles Fréger, Lee Friedlander, Andrea Galvani, Hein Gorny, Andreas Gursky, Harald Hauswald, Candida Höfer, Sabine Hornig, Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler, Arno Jansen, Edmund Kesting, William Klein List, Niko Luoma, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Charlotte March, Will McBride, Steve McCurry, Simon Menner, Richard Mosse,

Andreas Mühe, Oskar Nerlinger, Shirin Neshat, Helmut Newton, Tatsumi Orimoto, Helga Paris, Richard Peter sen., Hans Praefke, Jorma Puranen, Lukas Pusch, Bettina Rheims, Evelyn Richter, Jens Rötzsch, Thomas Ruff, Sebastio Salgado, Adrian Sauer, SCHAUM, Max Scheler, Martin Schoeller, Sarah Schönfeld, Erasmus Schröter, Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Andres Serrano, Laurie Simmons, Marleen Sleeuwits, Doug & Mike Starn, Otto Steinert, Beat Streuli, Christer Strömholm, Jock Sturges, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miroslav Tich Messmer, Wolfgang Tillmans, Michail Trachman, Ulay, Andre van Uehm, Brigitte Waldach, Michael Wesely, Siegfried Wittenburg, Ulrich Wüst, Miwa Yanagi